Welcome to Cookie Dough Paradise!

If you're a Cookie Dough fan, you've come to the right place! Welcome to Unbaked, an online dessert shop specializing in customizable, 100% safe-to-eat raw Cookie Dough. Our dough is made fresh for every order, and never includes eggs or raw flour to ensure it's safe to eat "unbaked." Put it on ice cream, use it as frosting, make cookie dough truffles, lick it off your finger- the possibilities are endless! So, forget the oven, and grab a spoon, people! Heaven on Earth has arrived!

How's it work?

So, how does Unbaked's customizable Cookie Dough work exactly? Well, think of it as a self-serve frozen yogurt shop. You come in, you pick your yogurt flavor and then your toppings to put on top. It's the same right here on UnbakedBar.com! Pick from a variety of base Cookie Dough flavors, and then a topping or two to be sprinkled on top. Here at Unbaked, you are the Master Chef to your one-of-a-kind masterpiece!