Do you have a storefront location?

     No. Unfortunately, we don't have a storefront anywhere at this time. We are an online-only business.

Where are you located? 

     We are located in Woodland Hills, CA where all of our doughs are made fresh to order. We offer pickup orders in the Woodland Hills area. If you would like to pickup your order rather than having it shipped, simply enter promo code PICKUP at checkout to receive no shipping costs. We will then contact you to tell you when and where to pick up your custom dough! Pickup is available Tuesday-Thursday. Please allow 2-3 business days for your order to be made.

What are the nutritional facts of your cookie dough?

     We currently don't provide nutritional facts for our cookie dough. Since we are very small company, the type of health permit we have does not required us to provide the nutritional information. We are, however, currently working on getting our doughs tested. So, stayed tuned! Please feel free to email us for an estimate or a list of ingredients.

When will my dough ship, and how long will it take?

     As Unbaked continues to grow and grow (Yay! Thank you!), we have ammened our shipping policy. Now, instead of shipping everyday, we will only ship orders out on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Please allow 5-7 business days for your order to be made and shipped out.
     Once shipped, your dough will usually take between 1-4 days (times are a non-guaranteed average) to get to you depending on where you live in the country, and if all goes well on USPS's end. We ship from Los Angeles, CA, so the closer you are to where we are located, the sooner you will get your dough! Once your package leaves our hands and is dropped off at USPS, it is then their responsibility to deliver your package correctly and on-time. If you have trouble with your delivery, please contact your local USPS location.

Where do you ship?

     We currently only ship within the 50 United States.

Is your dough vegan?

     Our dough is not vegan as it is made with butter.

Is your dough gluten free?

     Our dough is not gluten free as it has flour in it.

How long does the cookie dough last?

     Our cookie dough will last up to two weeks at room temperature (which is what it is best eaten at), up to four weeks in the refrigerator, and up to three months in the freezer.

Can I bake my cookie dough?

     Since our dough contains no eggs to keep it safe to eat raw, you cannot bake our cookie dough. It will simply melt.