We are so excited and honored to announce that you will soon be able to make all of your favorite Unbaked cookie dough at home! Introducing our upcoming cookbook, The Edible Cookie Dough Cookbook!

     This fun book will feature 75 mouthwatering edible cookie dough recipes. 55 of the recipes will be dedicated to dough flavors, ranging everywhere from our classic Chocolate Chip to more unique flavors like Lemon Cardamom and Mud Pie. The remaining 20 recipes will be of desserts that include dough, such as a Cookie Dough Candy Bar and Cookie Dough Truffles. All of these delicious recipes are unique and simple to make and perfect for any age and any skill type. 

     The release date for our book is September 4th, 2018. You can pre-order now on Amazon for only $13.50! The link is below. Don't wait too long to order, because supplies will be limited! We know you won't regret bring home a book filled with all the nostalgia of eating raw cookie dough as a kid!