• MONSTER (Peanut Butter / Chocolate Chips, M&Ms, Rainbow Sprinkles, Walnuts)


        Do you love all cookie dough? If you do, then our MONSTER dough is just the thing for you! It combines all sorts of goodies for a dough that will have your taste buds dancing! You'll start out with a creamy Peanut Butter Cookie Dough before biting into sweet Chocolate Chips, crunchy M&Ms, Rainbow Sprinkles, and salty Walnuts. It's everything you could wish for in one bite!

    One Half Pint (4 1/4 Cup Servings), Pint (6 1/4 Cup Servings), or One Quart (18 1/4 Cup Servings) of our Signature MONSTER Dough (Peanut Butter Cookie Dough with Chocolate Chips, M&Ms, Rainbow Sprinkles, and Walnuts).
    *We ship Monday-Thursday only. Order by Wednesday to have your dough shipped out the same week. If you order on Thursday, your dough will be shipped the following Monday.
    **Please note that we do NOT offer refunds or exchanges under any circumstances since our product is perishable. Once your order is dropped off at the post office, you may not cancel your order. You may only cancel before your dough is made.
    ***Once your package is dropped off at USPS, it is their responsibility to deliver your package. Shipping times are an estimate, and we cannot guarantee delivery dates. We cannot be help accountable for delayed, lost, or damaged packages as that is out of our hands. If something happens to your package, you must contact USPS and file a claim with them to receive a refund.